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The Guardians5Enter your name in the rafflecopter at the bottom of this post. This is my book’s publication anniversary. I’m so thrilled to announce that my publisher, Omnific Publishing, and I are celebrating by reducing the price of the ebook to 99 cents. Multiple genres encompass this popular novel: suspense/thriller, murder mystery, paranormal / metaphysical, romance.

You can purchase The Guardian’s Wildchild at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Simon & Schuster. If you have any questions, please contact me at: featherstone.author@gmail.com

The Guardian’s Wildchild Dystopian Theme

For many years humanity has become painfully aware of the potential for global disasters. Media and scientists paint a grim picture of loss and suffering. It’s true we would need to make painful adjustments to survive in a dystopian environment.


The weak will be swept aside. Laws will crush those who threaten governments. Windows of opportunity will allow evil to spread and cause further havoc. Superstition, paranoia, cults rise to the surface.

This is the world of humanity in The Guardian’s Wildchild in the year 2020 following the Great Quake. And, thus, the following is the beginning of The Guardian’s Wildchild novel.

The year 2020 was one long, terrifying nightmare. The planet trembled violently for months as if desperately trying to shed its skin. Land masses fell into the oceans or were consumed by the water’s thirst for new territory. Tsunamis followed the Earth’s devastating quakes, swallowing great ships and sweeping shorelines, sucking debris and bodies into oblivion. In one year, the world’s maps became as useless as the rudimentary drawings of ancient explorers.

Governments worldwide activated martial law. Extreme measures were deemed necessary to maintain law and order. There was zero tolerance for anyone threatening the stability of the social order and security of the United States of America. Those arrested were quickly tried and given a life sentence. Over the next twenty years, rigid controls were somewhat relaxed, but not to the satisfaction of many. Protests fell on deaf ears.

Underground rebellion movements became lethal. Intolerant of the continued harsh controls and closed-door leadership, they aimed to destroy governments. Highways were no longer safe for government officials — many were hijacked, executed, and dumped by the roadside.


In The Guardian’s Wildchild, the resolution to the conflicts rests on the shoulders of one woman, Sidney Davenport. She lives a simple life. However, by no means is she ordinary.

Sidney is tested to not only confront evil, but she must also deal with emotions of fear – her fear. Having been protected by her Guardian Elders, she is unfamiliar with fear. It is the poison that will defeat her. Why?

She is a powerful Guardian, able to time travel and so much more. However, when exposed to the hostility of humanity, fear invades her wall of protection and neutralizes her ability to use her powers.

As time to stop the evil Madame runs out, humanity is on the brink of madness. Battles aboard the US naval ship on the Pacific Ocean, and Sidney’s internal battles put everyone she loves at risk. What is she willing to sacrifice?

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