Life of a Writer is Undergoing an Update

Feather Stone, a saucy author/reader living life to the fullest.
Feather Stone, a saucy author/reader living life to the fullest.

In consultation with my marketing adviser, I’m in the process of updating this website. I’m working toward increased focus on my writing genre. Therefore, categories and posts will be more relevant to subjects on romance, paranormal, suspense/thriller, as well as reviews and recommended reading.

I’m opening up to your suggestions as well. If there is a subject that’s burning in your grey matter, and would like me to delve into a new subject, please let me know in the comments.

My objective is to discuss issues and happenings that concern both authors and/or readers as follows:

Authors: Ruminate about the writing world (author blogs, marketing guru’s, what’s new)

Readers: Reviews, recommendations, great book bloggers, giveraways

If you’ve been a regular visitor to my site, you know I post often. Though my posts will be more focused, my desire is to always have interesting and thought provoking articles. And, I love to create energy that inspires and entertains. Entertainment is a must!

While I attempt to get a handle on widgets and design challenges, I will continue with regular posts.

  • Independent Writer’s Support Group – IWSG posted on the first Tuesday of every month
  • Write, Edit, Publish – posted once a month on a predetermined subject
  • Snippet Sunday – post 8-10 lines of my current WIP, Forbidden

Name Change: Yes, don’t freak out but Life of a Writer is going to be changed to ROMANCE UNDER FIRE. What do you think about that, reader / writer romance bunnies? Got a  bit more oomph?

Hang on. This may get bumpy. As always, let me know if you’re enjoying the ride.