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Coffee Cup on Pile of FilesCate Russell-Cole has tagged me and a few other authors for some fun.

“I’m curious, what do you have in your writing space? What do you need to have around you to get into the creative groove?

This is a blog hop. Any of you can grab the logo and kick off from your own blog as well. I am picking ten of my writing buddies (below), pick five or ten of your own and ask them:

~ where do they work and

~ what can’t they write without?


Inspire each other! Use photo, video, any medium desired, which will show off your muse’s playground. The purpose is to discover something in another blogger’s space that inspires you and to share the love around, so blogs are being seen by a new audience. Oh and please mention that the blog hop started here. (Thank you.) Happy hopping!”


Feather Stone, a saucy author/reader living life to the fullest.
Feather Stone, a saucy author/reader living life to the fullest.

Feather Stone: Writing Space? You mean I should have space dedicated for my writing and a few pieces to inspire me? I hesitate to participate given that I’m a bit of an oddball. No kidding.

Here’s the deal. You could put me in the middle of a freeway (with barricades, please), and I’d write.  I can tune out cat fights, “what’s for dinner” calls from my husband, and door bells. I’ve been late for dental appointments because I couldn’t stop writing.

I can go all day without food or water. When I can’t stand the dust anymore, I’m a Tasmanian Devil with the vacuum and dust cloth. Five minutes – done!

So what’s in my writing cave. I suppose  you expect me to be honest. In front of me on my very old, itsy desk is the desktop PC, wastebasket (so the dog doesn’t pull out the used snot balls), and printer. Okay, yes, the monitor and keyboard and a roll of toilet paper (cheaper than kleenex).

On my left is the top half of a hutch which is now doing double duty; (1) storage for various speakers, files, photos, and parking spot for  my laptop (in case of power outage – it’s within arm’s reach). (2) It also has the cat’s tower on it, or as we call it, Smokey’s condo. Gets her up out of range of killer Leo.

Behind me, and still within arm’s reach, is a dresser full of stuff. I shall spare you the details. Beside that is the cats’ litter box – that gets refreshed often! On my right is the vacuum cleaner.

A study in shapes and texture
A study in shapes and texture

The walls are full of our art collection. Yes, we went a bit nuts a few years ago. Figured we’d invest our ‘millions’ on art and be set for retirement. Thing is, nobody wants art anymore.  But it’s all lovely, when I do look away from the monitor.

I share this space with my dear hubby. I get it all morning. Yes, from 1 am to noon. And, God help me if I go over my time share one friggin minute. So from noon to midnight, I sleep, garden, walk my sheltie, visit friends – all the while planning how to get my hero’s ass out of his jam.

Now, click on Cate Russell-Cole’s link to visit other participating authors. Or better yet. Join in on the fun and tell us about your writing cave. XXOOXX

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2 thoughts on “Inspiring Spaces Blog Hop

  1. jenlanebooks

    Sounds like you and hubby have worked out the computer sharing thing well. Thanks for tagging me–I’ll see if I can get a post written soon.


  2. Cate Russell-Cole

    I love the fact that you are an oddball, though you seem rather normal to me… And I am rather in awe that you can write through noise and chaos… and next to the crazy cohabitation of two four-legged fur people. I take my hat off to you.

    Thanks for participating! 🙂


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