biancaBook Review for “Vice, Virtue & Video: Desired” by Bianca Giovanni

Omnific Publishing authors’ novels major in the romance genre. And, their sub-genres are mega diverse. If you pick up a novel published by Omnific Publishing, you’re going to love it. You’ll find everything from fantasy to paranormal, from young adult to erotica, and everything in between. I say this with a bit of a blush as I’m one of the lucky authors to have been published by Omnific Publishing, Romance Without Rules.

Omnific Publishing sent me a free copy of Desired in exchange for an honest review. As usual when one gets a free book, we feel very grateful and excited to dive into chapter 1, page 1. And so I began …..

Wow! Hang on here. It’s full blown erotica. Do nice girls like me read steamy sex scenes? I don’t know, but let’s keep reading, LOL. Am I blushing? Maybe I should go read where my husband can’t see my reaction to the sensual scenes. Hmm, maybe he should read this.

What is thrilling about Bianca’s writing is that she can portray a sexual ‘encounter’ (yes, I’m that old), without getting sleazy. And yet, the experience was a thoroughly pelvic tilting, sucking in my breath, moaning with pleasure experience.


Desired4.5 stars. Bianca Giovanni is a superb author. Like all Omnific novels, this is a well edited story. This was a challenge read for me as I have strong feelings about the pornography subject, specifically how women are perceived and treated – a vessel for a man’s pleasure and nothing else. Once I got out of my ‘good-girl panties,’ this was an enjoyable read.

I won’t regurgitate the story. Suffice to say the characters are dealing with intense emotional upheaval. Their situation kept me hooked. Well, plus the totally steamy sex scenes. The heat sizzles. Bianca is an expert in pulling the reader, mind and body, into the bedroom and lounges and other assorted locations where all kinds of debauchery and tender passion takes place. Furthermore, while every erotic scene was orgasmically sensual, there was a minimum of profanity (well, less than I expected), and the sleaze factor never registered (except for a few minor dirt bag characters).

What I would have liked was (1) more depth of the two main characters, and (2) a clearer identification of the plot conflict in the beginning. (3) Also, the fact the two main characters didn’t include/notify family in an important event made them appear selfish and a bit cowardly, which seemed a bit out of character for them. Up until then, I thought they were pretty awesome people. Therefore, I knocked half a point off the rating.

I truly enjoyed this fun read. I recommend it to readers who look for erotica, romance, adult novels.

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  1. Phoenix Rainez

    Found this review really interesting and will take on board what you said about the characters in this Erotica Romance for future reference. Will need to read the book now to find out why you felt this way and learn from this for my own writing.
    Thanks Feather.


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