Win a Print of “The Rose” by Feather Stone

The Rose, my latest creation
The Rose, my latest creation


(about 4″x4″), Mounted, Not Framed.

Contest closes Saturday, August 23rd at midnight.

Do you love to garden, get your paws in the soil and feel the cool earth? Do you save earth worms and lady bugs? Gardening serves me well. I unwind. I mentally write another chapter of Forbidden while weeding and watering. The characters stand with me as I snip off spent sticky petunia blossoms or immerse my face into the cool petals of a large, white peony.

Right now, police captain and his prisoner are a bit ticked with me.

Of course, Captain Sharif and his prisoner, Eliza, don’t care about mulching or fertilizing my roses. They wait. Currently Hashim Sharif is in a dark alley hunting down his most reliable informant. Unless I get my butt back in the chair and turn on the computer, he’s destined to spend the next few days cruising the back alleys dodging nefarious low life. At the moment, he’s parked near his informant’s ‘office.’

Would you like to help me with Sharif’s next move? Read the text below and ‘comment’ on how Sharif’ should respond to the last line below (verbal and or action). I’ll pick a winner (random), and send you a print copy of my most recent painting, The Rose. If I use the line in Forbidden, I’ll acknowledge your contribution in the published novel.

Captain Khan

A vacant single story house on the right belonged to Drummer – his secret office. Drummer never revealed his true name, so Sharif called him Drummer. For twenty some years he had been the undisputed boss of the city’s black market. His wealth allowed him to live alongside Mayor Aamir’s luxury estate. Sharif shivered at the thought of Drummer’s close relationship with the man who threatened to kill him.

Sharif pulled out his magnum 44, released the safety, and laid it across his lap. His AK47 rested in its bracket between the seats. As minutes dragged on, the night swallowed Sharif into its belly.

An hour later, he caught himself nodding off. Panicking, he bolted up straight. He sensed someone had tried to open the passenger door. Then, a glint in the rear view mirror, sound of a boot crunching on the grit behind his SUV, smelled expensive aftershave through his open window.

Sharif squeezed his handgun’s trigger but not enough to fire. He ducked down below the headrest and aimed toward the passenger window. His cellphone buzzed. “Shit.” The display illuminated, “Caller Unknown.” He gambled on the distraction and accepted the call.

Text came up, ‘Open the fucking door, D’

Sharif’s response ?????

12 thoughts on “Win a Print of “The Rose” by Feather Stone

  1. Text message: “Who the fuck you think it is? You been scaring away my business for hours.” Cautiously, taking care to keep his gun ready, Sharif, sent: “Walk to the passenger side and show your face. Then I’ll open the door.” Shariff tracked the stranger’s movements around the front of the car, still unable to see his face, keeping his weapon trained casually but carefully on the man’s head,


  2. I haven’t had enough sleep to offer suggestions, but wanted to say this is a great snippet and it’s good to see excerpts from this again. I’ve missed it and was just thinking about it the other day.


  3. Feather Stone, a bit on the wild side.

    Hi PT; Thanks for thinking of me and Forbidden. The ms has been undergoing major revisions. I’ve kept the suggestions I received from your followers in the snippet blog hops. Very helpful. I think one more edit, and it will be done. Taking longer than I anticipated. I’ve been looking for beta readers. Would you or anyone you know be interested?


  4. siobhanmuir

    You need something that will keep up the tension and action. Michelle’s idea is a good one. It would introduce Drummer and keep the intensity high. Great snippet, Judy. 🙂


  5. Phoenix Rainez

    Hi Judy I also love Michelle’s idea. NEED to sleep before I can even try come up with anything. Try asking for beta readers on WP in the writers clubs and if you look up MARsocial web site there are several writers groups there where you might find a beta reader.


  6. Feather Stone, a bit on the wild side.

    Hi Linda: You caught the irony in that piece. Next week I’ll post the follow-up. Hope someone comes along with a zinger. lol


  7. Feather Stone, a bit on the wild side.

    Congratulations goes to Michelle for her ‘next line’ suggestion. I will be sending her a print copy of my painting. This was fun so I just may do this again. Thank you everyone for your input.


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