Have You Met Your Spirit Guide?

Diving Scene
Image of my spirit guide saving my life when I was drowning in a lake.

Maybe you believe in spirit guides, those beings we sometimes call our guardian angels. Maybe you’re not sure. What do you think about angels and guardians? Are they always looking out for our well-being, or do they allow us to make mistakes and love us anyway.

Can they be evil? Oh, now I’m not sure I want to go there. It makes sense, though. For every aspect of energy, there is the opposite. Are we sometimes drawn to the darker side, the Darth Vader within?

The Guardian’s Wildchild is a novel I wrote that explores the concept of spiritual beings and those who are on the flux of choosing good versus evil. They are awakening to the realms of higher energy. The Guardians (higher beings) call humanity the sleeping guardians, still unaware of our ancient heritage.

I met my spirit guide when I was a child. It has been a source of comfort for me through times when my mettle was tested. When I have been tempted to lean into the dark corners, I see the loving face of my guide. Regardless of what I choose, I know my guide will never leave me. Never.

Have you met your spirit guide. What was that like? Do you still have a relationship with the spiritual being? I’d love to hear about your paranormal experiences.

4 thoughts on “Have You Met Your Spirit Guide?

  1. Phoenix Rainez

    This post really intrigues me as its something I’ve always been fascinated in and the reason I found The Guardian’s Wild Child such an enthralling, spell binding read. It must’ve been your spirit guide that drew my attention to reading your book and connecting us. Does your guide have a name?


  2. Feather Stone, a bit on the wild side.

    I’ve met a few guides over the many years. Most often, the encounter is too brief, a nod or something like that. Other encounters feel like I know them on a spiritual level where names are not required. One gave me her name. It was a long difficult name to pronounce. I shortened it to “Pick”. She hasn’t returned in the sense that I’m aware of her presence visually but sometimes feel her energy. Wish I could describe these experiences better; so magical and fleeting.


  3. How did I meet my spiritual guide? Well my main one that has been there for me since I was born, I met her through my dreams. At first, she was hidden in the shadows and appeared when I started developing psychic abilities. I was seeing things certain people could not see and you can meet angels (I met one at a church bell tower at sunset). There are other entities in my dreams that share a bond with me and help with oracle related stuff.

    Sometimes it is hard to hear your guides and there are people who turn to Mediums to help contact them. You learn their names from your heart and if you look closely you share personal traits. If you study your past lives, it will make sense and click to your present form. Divination tools was the best way for me, whether it was dowsing with a pendulum, playing tarot cards, or using spirit boards to communicate with the guide you wish to speak with.

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