Review of “Fix You” by Beck Anderson

Fix You, by Beck Anderson, took me by surprise.

I’m not FixYou_Covergoing to regurgitate the story. Suffice to say two people are going through emotional turmoil. They are tragically wounded, deeply. By staying busy they manage to fool themselves that they are fine. However, when a crisis occurs, their demons resurface. No spoilers here. I was never sure how the conflict would be resolved until the final chapter.

I’ve been experimenting with reading books of genres other than romance and thrillers. Romance has been getting boring – same old formula. Thrillers often lack in depth the characters. Fix You, in my opinion, is largely character driven. The two main characters are thoroughly brought to life, warts and all. I fell in love with them, as well as the minor characters.

With every chapter, the personality and soul of Andrew and Kelly became more intensely revealed. I became hooked on their woundedness and their brave struggle to find the path out of their pain. I liked the metaphors Beck used in the book’s Kelly (main female character) reads, the songs she likes, and her pursuit to maintain physical fitness, albeit alone. She is unable to let go of her grief following the death of her husband.

The main male character, a famous actor, Andrew hides behind an army of support staff and managers. Only sporadically does he reveal his dark side. Finally his wall of success crashes.

Though the reader can see both falling into a truly dark and troubling path, you also see their courage and integrity. You want them to not just survive, but thrive. They became my sister, my brother. Beck’s talent is tremendous in that she immerses the reader under the skin of the characters. You feel the depth of their grief and fears as if the emotion is your own. The conflict is yours. The struggle to resolve the conflict is in your lap.

I loved this story. I’m a thriller, plot driven addict. However, this character focused novel kept me hooked right from the beginning.

beck-anderson-press-releaseI will be reading all of Beck’s novels.

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