The Scheming Muse Does It Again!

This is Jasper, walking the trails in Jasper, Alberta.

How many of you bought a fantastic new camera and couldn’t wait to use it? Recently I purchased a Nikon. It had all the right bells and whistles for me to exercise my photographing urges. I read the manual and got up close and intimately familiar with its buttons and settings.

Today I made time to take Sammy Bo Jangles to Chickakoo, a wilderness full of lakes and miles forest trails. Naturally, being a sunny day this was the perfect time to capture those bright wild flowers, families of waterfowl, shadowed trails, the reflections of the aspens in the calm lake.

Where was my camera? At home! Safe on my kitchen table. Ugh!!!

No matter. I figure this provides the perfect excuse to return to Chickakoo tomorrow. Today, Sammy and I enjoyed the freedom to be just carefree. I don’t know how many times I took in a deep breath and sighed as I exhaled. As my shoulders relaxed, my creative juices still flowed, but on a different project – Forbidden.

Yes, the desperate predicament of Captain Sharif and Eliza is never far from my consciousness. I’ve wrestled with how to rescue them without it appearing staged. My muse has been working on it for days. This afternoon, that scheming, sick puppy came through for me.

My job now is to put on ‘paper’ every detailed revealed to me on the Chickakoo trail. OMG, readers are going to cringe, tremble, whimper. However, this is one snippet that will remain a secret until you get Forbidden on your kindle.

How many times have you left your camera behind? Have you been somewhere, saw something totally out of this world but cursed yourself because your camera batteries died just at the wrong time. In the old, old days, while travelling through Wyoming, I took several dozen photos only to discover there was NO FILM IN THE CAMERA!! Please share your camera moments, the good, the crazy, the painful.

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