Book Review: Melanie Gets a Nanny

Melanie Gets a Nanny

“Melanie Gets a Nanny”

has just been published by Wee Creek Press.

Story is by award winning author, Pauline Holyoak;

Illustrations by Nina Rothfuss

This child’s picture book story is so wonderful and sweet. Here is my review, giving “Melanie Gets a Nanny,” five stars.

Now, how is it that a grown, mature woman can enjoy a children’s book? I did, and here is why Pauline Holyoak’s book is a must have for every child’s collection. I can’t wait until the little ones come for a visit so I can show them this book and read to them. The author’s prose is fun and has a rhythmic feel. The children will enjoy the voices of the different characters while I read the passages about the long neck llama, the fat cat wearing a silly hat, slithery snake dancing with a rake, etc. There is so much potential to act out many of the passage, making it also a fun game.

The artist, Nina Rothfuss, captured the scenes so beautifully. Each page has a lovely colorful imagPauline Holyoake with just enough detail.

This is a book your children will ask you to read to them over and over again. Every time you read it to them and create the different sounds of the characters, they’ll find it so much fun. And it tells a story about being nice to people, not judging them before you know them. Yes, this book by Pauline Holyoak truly rates five stars.

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