The Guardian’s Wildchild is Making Headlines at TRR

I love making waves, particularly since The Guardian’s Wildchild’s setting is on the Pacific Ocean.

The Romance Reviews

Ever since Captain Waterhouse and his very odd prisoner joined up with The Romance Reviews, they have been making headlines. The rulebook toting captain is not pleased with the distraction. He runs a meticulous ship, waiting for Madame to get the Nonnahs’ deck bloody. He’s always ready for trouble; well, except for that impetuous woman, Sidney Davenport. If she wasn’t so damn pretty ….

Can a rule book toting captain fall in love with a rebellious woman?
Can a rule book toting captain fall in love with a rebellious woman?

A tempting snippet, my lovely fans: Captain Waterhouse is disembarking from his ship anchored at Pearl Harbor. He’s hoping that the woman he cares for will survive during his absence. He has presented her with a gift, a candle surrounded with plumeria blossoms. Of course, Sidney is thrilled with this token of his affection – considering they just shared a lot more than his military secrets and her Guardian heritage.

He grinned. “So I don’t have to take it back?”

She shook her head, wiping away a tear. “I love you, Samaru Waterhouse.”

He paused momentarily. “I know.” In the soft candlelight, he kissed her one more time — a long, passionate kiss. Then he released her.

Sidney stepped back and looked intently into his face. She assumed the role of a sage Guardian, wise and powerful. “Trust your intuition. Know that you have guides who will help you. All you have to do is ask. Open yourself to their messages. You have access to far more power than you’re conscious of right now.”

He grinned. “What, more feathers under my bed?”

She remained steadfast. “Celeste and others — they will be there for you, always. Above all else, trust your intuition.” She lightly tapped his chest over his heart. “It will lead you to the higher good.”

Opening the cell door, he glanced back to see her standing in the candlelight. Its warm glow shimmered on the gray walls and onto Sidney’s warm brown hair and silhouette. He burned the image into his memory. “I’ll be back, Sidney.”

She hesitated to respond. She was holding on to every last moment and putting it away for safekeeping. She stood tall. Softly, she whispered, “I’ll be here, Sam.”

He shut the door, activated the locking mechanism, and reassured himself that Sidney would remain safe during his absence. She was invincible. Every time someone tried to destroy her, she survived through her powerful connection with her legion of gods.

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